Voice Search is Growing – Are You Ready for It?

With mobile being one of the most popular ways for people to search the web, and voice apps such as Siri and Google Home taking a lot of the arduous typing out of the equation, voice search is on the increase. This means instead of people typing their search request into a search engine like Google, they are simply “speaking” what they want to find. But does it really matter whether someone speaks a request or types it? It can. For starters, people are by nature lazy typists. We see…

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Is Your Website Ready for Google’s “Mobile-First”?

Google is always changing and updating its algorithms in a bid to deliver the best and most relevant results for searches on it’s platform. With so many people conducting searches via a mobile device these days, Google is on the verge of introducing its Mobile-First algorithm. But what is Mobile-First and are you ready for it? Google’s Mobile-First Index Explained Mobile-First is a new search index Google will likely be introducing and rolling out sometime in 2018. According to a variety of recent studies, some 60% of the global population…

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The Money Is In the List!

“The money is in the list” is a very common expression in the internet marketing world, but it’s not a term that’s relevant only to IM and related businesses. Every single business that has a web presence can benefit from growing and nurturing an active email list, whether your business operates entirely online or offline. Why Have An Email List? It doesn’t matter what sort of business you run, building an email list of relevant subscribers is simply a wise idea on a number of levels. Not everyone who visits…

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Are Backlinks Becoming Linkless?

Anyone who runs a website or is involved in SEO will know that backlinks are important. Although Google and other search engines have really tightened up on the effectiveness of backlinks in recent times to ensure only quality backlinks are used as ranking factors, backlinks still play a very pivotal role in helping pages and websites in general rank well in search results. These days Google doesn’t like what are obvious paid backlinks, or links that originate from low quality websites. The search engine giant is also starting to clamp…

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If You Are Not Using Video, You Are Getting Left behind

When we think about rankings and traffic and SEO, most of our thoughts are often centred on producing written content. Many overlook the power of video and how videos can explode your website traffic. If predictions by Crisco are accurate, then by the year 2021 (only a mere 3 years away at the time of this writing), a massive 80% of all online traffic will be a direct result of video! That’s an enormous figure to wrap your head around when there is always so much focus on written content…

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8 Top Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Many businesses build a website, create a Homepage, fill the rest of the site with content regarding their services and that’s about it. From that point on the website becomes dormant with regards to fresh content. Whether your business is online or offline, if you are running a website to attract potential leads and customers, then having a blog that is regularly updated with relevant content is one of the best online marketing tools at your disposal. In this article, we’ll be covering some of the top reasons why your…

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Google RankBrain and SEO – What’s It All About?

What Is Google RankBrain? Google takes into account many factors to sort search queries and decide which piece of content should be ranked and in what order. It’s all about delivering the end user the most accurate list of results according to their search query. RankBrain is essentially an artificial intelligence machine learning system. Yes, it can actually learn new things, according to Google. Armed with this ability to learn and improve, RankBrain takes on board the search query and decides on what results the searcher requires. It will also…

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What Is Dwell Time and Why It’s Important for Website Rankings

Dwell time when it comes to websites simply means the number of time visitors spends on a page on your site. The longer the dwell time, the more this indicates to Google and other search engines that the piece of content is of value to the reader. There are two major reasons you want to keep visitors on your site for as long as possible: Your content is offering value and building trust and a relationship with your visitor Google uses dwell time as one of its ranking factors With…

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SEO Practices That Can Kill Your Rankings

SEO Practices That Can Kill Your Rankings

Good SEO is all about optimizing websites and content to achieve the best rankings in organic search results. As things online are constantly changing, so are the requirements for positive SEO. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of what SEO tactics will actually kill your search engine rankings rather than build them. In this post, we’ll cover some of the more common SEO bad practices so you know what to avoid. Keyword Stuffing In the “olden days” of the internet, Google algorithms were much more simplistic. It used to be…

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10 Quick Tips For SEO In 2018

SEO is all about keeping up with current trends, what the search engines are doing and what is getting the desired results. SEO should always be white hat to avoid Google penalties, so avoid anything that is obviously black hat, or even in the grey zone. In this post, we’ll briefly sum up just a few of the positive things you can do for SEO and website traffic in 2018. #1 - Write Blog Content A static business website that never adds new and valuable content can be viewed as…

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