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How Social media affects SEO

How Social media affects SEO?

You must be wondering about the benefits that can be reaped from social media. The entrepreneurs are in a continuous struggle for knowing the benefits of social media. The article sheds light on the positive impacts bestowed by social media. Let’s zoom the benefit that may actually ratchet up your sales and leads. You cannot deny the basket ball’s alley-oop relation of the SEO and social media where the ball is lobbed by social and it is dunked by SEO. SEO strategy and social media The search rankings have no…

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Starting From Zero: How To Build Social Media Presence Right From Scratch

If you are a new organization or have a brand new initiative, there are quite some reasons that will make you want to build a digital presence. It's not daunting for you to get there you can make it by starting from scratch. Many companies have tried this and accomplished their goals in this competitive market. You need to follow these four steps to make it: Plan for social media goals This is the initial step where you have the answer the question "why. Perfect planning leads to sure success.…

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